Episode 1: Eye of the Storm

Enter into the StarQuake universe filled with mysteries, puzzles and adventure!


Learning through stories and games, not books

Northern Lights

We asked students and parents "what would make learning science fun?"

Their answer: make the science easy with an engaging story.

The game was designed to fascinate and motivate the student to learn science using a plot driven game.

Key takeaways

  • The plot-based space adventure was developed to the player's attenion
  • Science is taught in a visually engaging manner
  • Designed for ages 9 and up
  • No prior knowledge about lasers is needed

Learning by doing

Northern Lights

Following principles from Montessori education, Episode 1 takes place in an interactive open world.

The player is encouraged to complete the science missions to learn about how lasers operate from the atom-scale to building a laser.

Key takeaways

  • Open world allows the user to explore and discover objectives.
  • The player engages with easy-to-understand science lessons at the player's pace
  • Applied view of learning - connecting theory to application.
  • Mini-games apply knowledge from lessons and reinforce concepts

Advanced Concepts made simple

Northern Lights

The lessons in the game were designed to keep the science simple.

Starting with the atom and progressing to how a laser is designed, the player will learn fundemental concepts including physics, chemistry, material science, and engineering.

Scientific Topics explored in Episode 1:
  • The Structure of Atoms
  • Atom-atom Interactions
  • Properties of Light
  • How Lasers Work

The content was designed and adapted by doctoral scientists. The science concepts, although simplified, are accurate.


Keeping it simple

We want to encourage critical thinking, create a passion for science and technology and teach non-cirricular ideas to bright young minds. That's why we keep things simple:

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