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What is Lux Science?

Plot-driven story to engage young minds

Open-world learning space that allows students to explore & learn

Apply science concepts to progress in the game

Scientifically accurate gameplay

Makes these topics easy to learn:

  • How a laser operates
  • Atoms and Elements
  • How a battery works
  • Polymers
  • Recycling CO2 to oxygen in space
  • How computer viruses work
  • Electricity & Conduction
  • Nanotechnology and more!

Why it Works

Designed on Montessori principles of learning by doing

Engages the 66-83% of people who are visual learners

Makes complex ideas simple without quizzes & tests

Community & Working Together

Our Community of Parents, Educators & Scientists tell us what lessons to design

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Our Vision (or why we love what we do)

Our vision is to spark a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) for the next generation.

We believe a education leads to a happier, more successful life, which will elevate our society in future generations. A greater educated population will translate to less poverty &social divide.

A love of education has to start at a young age, and that’s why we believe science-based video games can help spark apassion for the next generation. Here are some other reasons that keep us working on nights and weekends:

An integral part of our mission:

Meet the Team

Northwestern University

I want to find a scalable way to leverage the power of 3D graphics to explains science concepts

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-founder

Northwestern University

The way we, as a species, move forward is through education. By igniting a love of science & technology, hopefully we will create a better society for all.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Co-founder

I love to code!

I want to inspire creativity in science and technology to promote innovation

Unity Developer

Composing music is my passion

If you like what you hear, check out my other work!

Music Composer and Producer

Johns Hopkins University

I want learning to be something that is fun, engaging, and personalized to the student.

Narrative Designer

Carnegie-Mellon University

Art, creativity, and science have a multitude of intersections that have so much potential in re-defining STEM education.

3D/Graphic Artist

UC Berkeley

I like to provide open channels of communication to inspire the next-generation!

Marketing Lead

I enjoy creating 3-D art

I like to bring ideas to life and want to integrate 3-D art in education for future generations

Ellen Tseng
3D Artist

Stonehill College

I want people to see the power video games have to expand students horizons and actually help them learn about the world outside the screen.

Richard Susi
Unity Developer

St. Olaf College

I am a senior dual majoring in Computer Science and Music. I enjoy problem solving and keeping up with new technology. In my free time I play the organ and enjoy hiking.

Magnus Cardell
Frontend Developer